Conditions of Participation

We have summarized the general content of each section for your information – the summary does not form part of the conditions of participation:

1. Eligible Attendees

This section describes which attendees are invited to participate.
2. RequirementsThis section explains the requirements that products and projects must fulfill to be accepted.
3. Evaluation CriteriaThis section details the evaluation criteria that apply to each category.
4. Further RegulationsThis section includes some general matters included in the terms and conditions.
5. Shipping of SamplesThis section provides advice on submitting samples.

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1. Eligible Attendees

Applications are welcome from exhibitors of all worldwide Intersolar, ees, Power2Drive und EM-Power 2018 exhibitions.

Not only the exhibitors themselves, but also any companies they are affiliated with may participate. This includes all companies in a group of affiliated companies (parent company and subsidiaries).

In the category Outstanding Projects (part of The smarter E AWARD), project owners (=the legal proprietor of the complete installation) are also eligible to participate.

Exhibitor of / Project OwnerIntersolar AWARDThe smarter E AWARDees AWARD
Intersolar Europe 2018   
Intersolar North Am. 2018   
Intersolar South Am. 2018   
Intersolar India 2018   
Intersolar South Am. 2017   
Intersolar Middle East 2017   
Intersolar India 2017   
ees Europe 2018   
ees North Am. 2018   
ees India 2018   
Power2Drive Europe 2018   
EM-Power 2018   
Project Owners  


2. Requirements

Smart Renewable Energy

Eligible for submission are products and solutions e.g. the individual components of a product or technical innovation,

  • have undergone industrial trials and/or are already in use,
  • are judged to have particular innovative merit in technological and economical terms,
  • create scope for cost reductions in production and/or sales and
  • have the potential to make an important contribution towards satisfying industrial or societal needs.



Outstanding Projects

Eligible for submission are projects or a product that has been incorporated into a global project, which meet the following requirements. The project:

  • is exemplary for global future applications
  • is unique in their expression and realization
  • is completely implemented and in use for only the past two years (completion date between February 2016 and February 2018)

3. Evaluation Criteria

Smart Renewable Energy

A. Degree of Innovation (35%)

  • Advancement / Innovation
  • Smartness
  • Uniqueness


B. Technical and Environmental Benefits (25%)

  • Technological benefits
  • Environmental benefits and socially relevant features


C. Economic Benefits (25%)

  • Cost benefits
  • Market and marketing
  • Pricing


E. Proof of Innovation (10%)

  • Completness and conclusiveness of the proof


F. Presentation (5%)

  • Format and quality of description and presentation
  • Extent of application documentation



Outstanding Projects

A. Pioneering Character (30%)

  • Exemplary effect of the project and the impact on the use of renewable energy


B. Uniqueness (15%)

  • Uniqueness of the project compared to existing solutions and applications


C. Economic Benefits (10%)

  • Economic benefits for the owner or operator of the project
  • Demand, markets and marketing strategy


D. Benefits for the Environment and Society (10%)

  • Environmental benefits and socially relevant features


E. Degree of Technological Innovation (20%)

  • Technological advancement
  • Technological creativity and quality


F. Proof of Innovation (10%)

  • Completeness and conclusiveness of the proof


G. Presentation (5%)

  • Format and quality of description and presentation
  • Extent of application documentation

4. Further Regulations

  • Persons employed by companies or organizations with participating judges are prohibited from competing.
  • Registration documents must be submitted in English and provide a clear and comprehensive representation of the product or project.
  • The organizers pledge to distribute registration documents exclusively to people, including judges, who are directly involved with the competition. This group of recipients shall be obliged to protect the confidentiality of these documents. Notwithstanding of this policy, we strongly recommend that contestants take all appropriate measures to protect their intellectual property rights (e.g. by applying for patent or utility model protection) before the transfer or shipment of samples. The organizers reject any liability for damages resulting from a violation of the rights to any products submitted for the competition.
  • In the case of submission of multiple applications from different applicants for the same product/project, only the first submission will be approved. Condition is the completeness and conformity of the submission with the terms and conditions of the Intersolar, the ees AWARD and the The smarter E AWARD.
  • By signing the application, participants agree that, in the event of their submission being nominated, their company name, the name of the submitted product/project, pictures of the submitted product/project and pictures of the company representatives attending the AWARD ceremonies may be used without restriction in reports (including press releases,websites, social media channels and marketing materials).
  • As a condition of registration, your complete application must be saved in your personal account on the AWARD Portal within the designated application period.
  • In the event of a win, a trophy and a certificate will be awarded to the participant who submitted the application. In the Outstanding Projects category, the Project Owner will also receive a certificate, even if they did not submit the application themselves as a participant.


5. Shipping of samples

If you would like to submit samples to supplement your application, please send them to March 30, 2018:

Solar Promotion GmbH
Samples Intersolar, ees, The smarter E AWARD 2018
Kiehnlestrasse 16
75172 Pforzheim, Germany

Please include a return address for the sample along with an invoice address for any shipping costs which may be incurred. All costs, including any customs charges, are not covered by the organizer and must therefore be paid by the sender. Samples without a return address may be destroyed after September 30, 2018 without notification. Please take note that entries weighing more than 50 kg must be agreed with the AWARD team in advance.