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As a means of green transportation, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly competitive. If they are charged using renewable energy, they can serve to mitigate climate change and reduce environmentally harmful emissions. The most important challenges involve reducing the cost of battery packs, improving energy density and expanding charging infrastructure. As battery costs continue to fall, electric vehicles will become more and more economical, making environmentally friendly mobility affordable for an increasing number of users. According to IRENA, the number of electric vehicles around the globe exceeded two million in 2016. This rapid rise was driven by China, the United States, Japan and several European countries. In its Roadmap for a Renewable Energy Future 2016, IRENA predicts that the total number of electric vehicles will reach 50 million by 2030. If this comes to pass, batteries with a total capacity of 8,000 GWh could be in use in light commercial vehicles alone by 2030. According to a report by Grand View Research Inc., the global market for electric charging infrastructure is expected to reach 45.59 billion US dollars by 2025. With the potential for electric vehicle components, charging infrastructure and services continuing its swift growth, Power2Drive Europe offers an ideal point of entry to this exciting market.

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Broad spectrum of exhibitors

Power2Drive Europe offers a comprehensive program that highlights all aspects of e-mobility and charging infrastructure. The program is rounded off by the accompanying conference, where experts will take a closer look at current trends and developments. In the exhibition halls of The smarter E themselves, energy companies will be joined by other well-known exhibitors from the automotive and storage industries. These include ABB Solar GmbH, Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH, innogy SE, Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co. KG, Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH, Siemens AG and Tesla. Power2Drive Europe is one of four energy exhibitions which will open their doors in Munich from June 20–22, 2018. Intersolar Europe, ees Europe and EM‐Power will also be held at the same time.

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Automobile manufacturers move into battery production

As efficient and environmentally friendly mobility solutions (when charged with renewable energy), electric vehicles have an important contribution to make to the energy transition. The expected boom in e-mobility has seen a huge increase in demand for lithium-ion battery cell suppliers. Until now, the battery cells used for mobile applications have come primarily from Japanese and Korean factories, though China and the USA are now also expanding their production capacities. Tesla and Panasonic started producing battery cells in the Gigafactory in Nevada at the start of 2017. Manufacturers are also preparing for a surge in demand in Germany. In response to the emissions scandal, VW is pursuing a huge expansion in e-mobility, with the aim of generating around 20–25% of the group’s total sales through solely battery-powered vehicles by 2025. Over the course of this shift in strategy, the automobile group is set to invest billions in manufacturing its own batteries for electric cars in Germany. Experts from around the world will be discussing the opportunities on offer for battery cell production in Europe in a panel discussion at the ees Europe Conference. The sessions “Battery Production” and “Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Power-to-Gas” offer special presentations on production technology.

Putting automotive innovation on the agenda

Sessions with content which is ideal for battery and charging system buyers, battery system integrators, battery developers, CO2 representatives and people working in e-mobility and charging infrastructure business development at OEMs and suppliers: Automotive Battery Technologies / Vehicle Integration and Charging Technologies / Real Life Projects: Vehicle to Grid (V2G), Battery Cell Production in Europe – Panel Discussion, Battery Production Technology: Assembly, Production Technology: Materials, Availability, Recycling & Lifecycle

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Traveling to Munich for Power2Drive

Munich’s location in the heart of Europe and its excellent transport infrastructure make travel fast and straightforward for exhibitors and visitors. The city is easily reached by plane, train or car.
And Munich is always worth a visit. Bavarian culture fosters lively discussion in a convivial atmosphere.
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