Focus: Commercial Users

Electrification of mobility – what next?

What opportunities and challenges does e-mobility create for commercial users? For mobility managers, for fleet managers and operators? And for public transportation, hotels, tourism, real estate, taxi services, car sharing providers and representatives of municipal and local governments?
At Power2Drive Europe 2018, experts will discuss the significance of e-mobility from the perspective of utilities, transport services, local authorities and automobile manufacturers. What do mobility concepts look like in commerce and in neighborhoods? What will the future bring? And what is already possible today? Join the discussion!

Power2Drive offers integrated mobility concepts, making it your first point of call for the energy transition.

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Charging possibilities for customers, guests and employees

Allianz is already setting an example – the insurance company’s fleet includes five electric vehicles which can cover 80 to 100 kilometers each day, and charging stations have been installed and a specification manual printed. There is even a company car sharing service on offer.

The auto glass repair specialist Carglass is also leading the way. It is having wall boxes or charging stations installed by innogy at a total of ten sites across Germany. The charging points will be used to charge employees’ own fleet vehicles as well as the loaner vehicles that the company provides, so that customers can get around while their cars are being repaired.

With an EV charging station on their premises, these businesses can offer true added value not only for their customers but also for their employees. Cottage industries, delivery services and companies whose business entails driving predominantly in inner cities are increasingly finding electric vehicles to be an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative that is suitable for daily use.

Providers of traction batteries, charging infrastructure, electric vehicles, grid infrastructure and solutions for integrating renewable energies

All providers of renewable energies, storage solutions, solutions for efficient energy use – and of course charging infrastructure solutions

E-taxis and car sharing – what for?

In Germany, the federal government offers a subsidy of 2,000 euros for the purchase of a battery electric or fuel cell vehicle. For “plugin” hybrid vehicles that accept an external charge, there is a 1,500 euro subsidy. The vehicle manufacturer must offer the buyer a discount at least equal to the amount of the subsidy in order for this to be authorized. The program has sufficient funds for over 300,000 vehicles.
In addition, two federal ministries published funding directives at the end of 2017 under which taxi and rental car business owners can receive short-term subsidies for electric cars and charging infrastructure.
Bans on inner-city driving may be on the horizon in Germany – but they won’t be a concern for electric vehicles!
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Environmentally friendly mobility solutions: Power2Drive Exhibition and the Conference

Renewable energies, energy storage and e-mobility play a central role in achieving climate protection targets. As efficient and environmentally friendly mobility solutions, electric vehicles have an important contribution to make to the energy transition. The Power2Drive highlights the significance of electric cars for the energy mix and transport of the future. Innovative charging solutions, battery concepts and business models for sustainable e-mobility will be introduced also at the ees Europe Conference. Renewable energies and e-mobility are an optimal combination.
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Traveling to Munich for Power2Drive

Munich’s location in the heart of Europe and its excellent transport infrastructure make travel fast and straightforward for exhibitors and visitors. The city is easily reached by plane, train or car.
And Munich is always worth a visit. Bavarian culture fosters lively discussion in a convivial atmosphere.
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