Voltage is increased to 800 volts

There are plans to increase the charging rate during long-distance trips. This is one of the reasons why several manufacturers are working on solutions for high power charging (HPC) with values up to 350 kilowatts. In comparison: This is three times the power that Tesla uses in his super charger with 120 kilowatts. The HPC focuses also on higher voltages. Future systems will then use even 800 volts instead of 230 volts or 400 volts. This has quite a few advantages: The charging time will decrease and the cable diameters required will be reduced and thus the weight of the components installed in a vehicle.

Porsche Engineering considers the 800-volt charging systems a core technology for the breakthrough of electric cars. This car manufacturer and the battery system manufacturer Ads-tec therefore have developed a quick-charging system that uses direct current of 320 kilowatts. The compact storage unit has an edge length of 1.2 meters and supplies electric vehicles with voltages between 400 and 920 volts. Whereas Porsche Engineering will exhibit at the Power2Drive Europe (booth C1.631), you will have the opportunity to visit the partnering battery manufacturer Ads-tec at booth B1.230 at the ees Europe. Both exhibitions take place at the same time.

The wind turbine manufacturer Enercon will present the new quick-charging station E-Charger 600 at the Power2Drive Europe (booth C1.751). Up to four charging stations allow for charging with 350 kilowatts at each station. This technology enables the charging of sufficient energy for a range of 250 miles in eight minutes. The station has a modular layout and can be extended in 60-kilowatt steps.

The company Chakratec (C1.660), which was established in Tel Aviv in 2013, is another manufacturer of an innovative HPC. It presents the so-called kinetic power booster, which

works on the basis of the flywheel concept. The kinetic batteries allow for an almost unlimited number of deep charging and discharging cycles and high C rates for a fast availability of power. The power booster has a modular layout, too. The basic version has a power of 100 kilowatts and can be upgraded to several megawatts.

Picture: Chakratec