Special E: An Overview of the Current E-Vehicle Market

Thursday, June 15, 2023
04:10 pm - 05:30 pm
Power2Drive Forum: Hall B6, Booth B6.650

The number of battery electric vehicles on Europe's roads has now reached three million - e-mobility is on the rise all over Europe. The number of different vehicle options is vast - this year alone, 100 new e-car models will enter the market. How do the latest vehicles perform? What are the differences between them? What technical innovations do they come with? What models and technologies can we expect in the short and medium term? Wheel hub motors, traction batteries 2.0, power swap systems and the effect of comprehensive charging infrastructure coverage - what is driving the market? Which countries benefit from the industry? The speakers in this session will tell you.

04:10 pm - 05:30 pmSpecial E: An Overview of the Current E-Vehicle Market

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