Dr. David Hart

Job Title

David Hart is a Partner at ERM and a Director of E4tech, a business consulting company specialising in the energy transition and recently acquired by ERM. He is also a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London. Based in Switzerland, he is responsible for E4tech's fuel cell and hydrogen energy practice, and has been an advisor, consultant and researcher on hydrogen energy for 25 years, leading and conducting projects in different industry sectors for governments, corporations and investors worldwide. Current work includes support for major energy players in developing hydrogen strategies, analysis of supply chain opportunities for specialists in the fuel cell industry, and policy options for economic growth based on hydrogen and fuel cell deployment. David has sat on venture capital investment committees and clean energy company boards, is a Director of the International Association of Hydrogen Energy and is lead author of the widely-respected Fuel Cell Industry Review.

October 07, 2021European Value Chain, Strengths and Opportunities