Revolutionary E-Car Charging Station Uses Wind and Solar Energy

Industry News – October 20, 2023

Groundbreaking development in the field of sustainable e-mobility: The US company Change Wind Power has developed an e-car charging station that can simultaneously supply fresh energy through the intelligent use of wind and solar energy up to six electric vehicles.

The heart of this technology is the 25-meter high "Solar & Wind Tower" (WST). This innovative tower, with a footprint of two square meters, is equipped with cleverly arranged blades that capture the wind from all directions. A propeller with a vertical axis drives a generator that reliably produces electricity. Even in extreme weather conditions, including storms, energy production remains stable. This is ensured by a special multi-stage gearbox that keeps the rotor speed within a safe range.

The innovation of the WST goes beyond wind energy. A circular platform covered with efficient solar cells extends above the tower's blades. This combination of wind and solar energy provides an impressive 234,154 kilowatt hours of annual production. This amount of energy is enough to cover a distance of 1.3 million kilometers or power 9,400 electric vehicles. Innovative optimizations, such as the magnetic bearing of the rotor hub and a self-cleaning mechanism for the solar cells, have further increased the efficiency of the system.

What makes this technology particularly interesting for users is its self-sufficiency. The WST does not require a grid connection and can be operated autonomously. This independence is crucial to support the increasing electrification in the transportation sector while relieving the public power grid.

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