Solar storage avoid grid expansion for electric cars

February 4, 2019: According to a study by the TU Braunschweig (Germany), solar power systems in combination with battery storage systems can provide full coverage with charging points in local grids without the distribution grids having to be expanded expensively.
Through the use of solar power systems with battery storage, according to the study, today's power distribution grids in districts with private one- and two-family homes can supply more than every other connected household with its own 11 kW charging station for electric cars (up to 60 percent). Decentralized solar energy storage thus doubles the charging capacity compared to a traditional low-voltage distribution grid. And the majority of the newly installed solar power systems are now installed together with a battery storage system, according to the German Federal Solar Industry Association. In the event of a modernization of the regulatory framework for the use of the entire flexibility potential of decentralized battery storage, it would even be possible to achieve a complete supply of e-car charging points in the local suburban and village grids.

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