Exhibition Segments

Power2Drive Europe showcases charging solutions and technologies for electric vehicles and reflects the interaction between electric vehicles and a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply.

Here you'll find the exhibition segments in detail.

Charging Infrastructure / Charging Stations

  • EV charging stations (wallboxes, charging stations) up to 22 kWel
  • Charging systems from 22 kWel to 150 kWel
  • High power charger, ultra fast charger (from 150 kWel, DC)
  • Inductive charging systems
  • Hydrogen fueling stations
  • Connector systems, charging cables
  • Vehicle-to-X, bi-directional charging
  • Payment systems, ICT, software
  • EPC contracting, project development for charging infrastructure
  • Solar powered charging stations (Solar Carport, Solar Bikeport etc.)

Electrical vehicles (BEV, PHEV, FCEV)

  • Passenger cars
  • Light vehicles (bikes, scooters etc.)
  • Commercial & special purpose vehicles, buses, trucks
  • Materials for electric vehicles
  • Powertrain
  • Vehicle components
  • Other (water-, aircraft)

Traction Batteries

  • For passenger cars
  • For light vehicles (scooters, bikes etc.)
  • For commercial vehicles, buses, trucks
  • For railways, watercraft, aircraft

Mobility services

  • Mobility as a Service (Transport, Leasing, Shuttle, Rental, Sharing, Pooling, Public Transport)
  • Fleet management solutions


  • Engineering and design
  • Consulting
  • Research and development
  • Test institutes
  • Certification
  • State initiatives and public authorities
  • Trade media, publishing
  • Education and further training, training courses
  • Financial services, subsidies
  • Associations/societies