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Outstanding energy suppliers in the D-A-CH region honored with the Energiewende Award 2022

Markus Wunsch

Grid-safe integration of e-mobility - why battery electric vehicles save us from blackout


The smarter E AWARD 2022: Finalists Present Their Innovative Projects And Products for the New Energy World

Expert Interview

Smart Combination: Solar, Storage and E-Mobility

Press release

The smarter E Europe 2022: Start-ups and Young Companies Take Center Stage


Electromobility Market Trends 2022 in Europe, North- and South America

Nicolaus Schuerhoff

Fight Against Climate Crisis: Effective Strategies for Companies

Bruce Douglas

Power Sector Accelerating E-Mobility: Can Utilities turn EVs into a Grid Asset?

Christoph Krachten

Disruption of Emobility - Tesla as a Pioneer

Expert Interview

"The big wave will come in just under ten years"

Industry News

Charging Flat Rates Create Price Certainty

Prof. Dr. Achim Kampker

Status and Prospects of Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

Alexander Esser

European Hydrogen Market Set to Explode

Industry News

EnBW Builds Mega-Charging Park at Kamener Kreuz

Dr. Martin Heinrich

Vehicle-Integrated Photovoltaics (VIPV): Flexible Solar Modules for More Power

Heiko Luft

How Electric Cars can be Integrated Into the Fleet

Expert Interview

E-Mobility in Fleets

Expert Interview

E-mobility: The Most Important Questions About Setting up a Charging Park

Expert Interview

Market and Sales Volume at Public Charging Stations

Dr. Paul Troughton

Customers Benefiting from Flexibility?

Press release

Strong Demand Drives Product Diversity: New Edition of "Market Overview Charging Systems"

Press release

Every Third New Electric Car in Europe Drives on German Roads

Press release

Power2Drive Europe Restart 2021: The End of the Internal Combustion Engine – Many Car Manufacturers are Ready

Panel Discussion

Vehicle2Grid as Game-Changer of the New Energy World

Konrad Hammer

Looking through charging systems: What subsidies are offered?


Smart Charging Systems for Europe – A Decision Guidance

Press Release

E-Mobility: The Bridge between the New Energy World and the World of Mobility

Heiko Fleck

Retrofitting: From Combustion Engine to Electric Vehicle - a Solution for Sustainable Mobility?

Press Release

Charging Infrastructure Business Electrifies Europe

Expert Interview

"The vehicle system and the global charging infrastructure must be BiDi-capable in the long term"