Special Areas at Power2Drive Europe 2021

Electromobility must be experienced live! Anyone who has ever driven in an electric vehicle knows this. Take the opportunity to let our 65,000 interested trade visitors and exhibitors try out your latest vehicle models as part of a free test drive. Showcase your electric vehicles and give our visitors the chance to take a closer look at the features of each electric vehicle individually.

Become an exhibitor: Showcase your products & encourage our visitors to drive



from €1,287 plus VAT

Commercial vehicles are becoming more sustainable and quieter. Cities and communities are increasingly relying on electric buses for local transport, offer electric vans for car sharing, use low-noise sweepers to reduce noise emissions and much more. In the commercial sector, too, electric trucks and delivery vans are increasingly replacing inefficient combustion engines. Electromobility pays off for their driving profiles, because the majority of daily transports take place within distances <100km. Exhibit your electric vehicles and impress our enthusiastic trade visitors. Our special Planet Electric area offers space for the full range of electromobility.



    OPTION 2:
    lightEV Test Drive

    from €983 plus VAT

    Micromobility means cruising through the city in a flexible and environmentally friendly way. Attractive e-motorcycles and e-scooters inspire without combustion noise, are efficient and ideally suited for individual mobility. Light vehicles such as e-scooters or electric skateboards are a perfect addition to the last mile – making everyday mobility fun and a having you good conscience at the same time. Our trade visitors are always looking for new solutions for individual mobility. Make your vehicle available for testing and offer your potential customers the opportunity to experience them in a relaxed atmosphere and try them out for themselves.


      OPTION 3:
      eCar Test Drive

      from 1,640€ plus VAT

      Company vehicles and fleets are going electric! This trend is already omnipresent  and is gaining momentum. Customers are particularly enthusiastic about the powerful and noiseless way of getting around. Convince potential business partners with the special kind of acceleration and driving experience emotionally and live on site. Once experienced, almost nobody ever wants to go back in time. Take the opportunity to offer our electromobility specialist audience the experience of an exclusive test drive as an exciting addition to a visit to Power2Drive Europe. Our eCar Test Drive starts Corona-compliantly outdoors at the Parking lot P7, directly next to the exhibitor area (Hall B6). Release emotions, don't miss the chance!


      Conditions of participation

      OPTION 1 - Planet Electric:

      • Participants are suppliers of electric vehicles (commercial, special vehicles, boats, electric planes and others)
      • Your electric vehicle will be in the focus, there will not be a regular booth construction,
      • We offer three packages for different sizes of vehicles, a special rate for booth space within this area will apply
      • Simple booth customizations are possible upon consultation (e.g. roll-up banner)

      To participate, simply fill out, sign and send us the following documents: The smarter E Europe 2021 application form and the supplementary agreement for Planet electric.

      Andreas Haller is proud of the 40-ton electric truck which the company brought to the exhibition.

      >>Many visitors didn’t even know that such large electric vehicles exist, or that we re-engineer used trucks to fit them with electric motors. We have welcomed a lot of visitors, we’re doing great business and we’re thrilled to have been part of Power2Drive Europe.<<

      Andreas Haller, Geschäftsführer Haller GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

      OPTION 2 - light EV Test Drive:

      • Participants are suppliers of light electric vehicles (scooters, bikes, motorbikes, cargobikes, skateboards and others)

      • A special rate and a minimum booth size of 6sqm at a designated area next to the Test Drive

      • the Check-In will be organized for you

      To participate, simply fill out, sign and send us the following documents: The smarter E Europe 2021 application form and the supplementary agreement for the light EV Test Drive.

      >>Power2Drive Europe 2019 was the ideal platform for introducing eROCKIT, the first pedal-powered electric motorcycle. Our two-wheeler is fundamentally different from all the other electric bikes, scooters and motorcycles on the market. Visitors were able to experience its indescribable and unparalleled driving experience firsthand.<<

      Andreas Zurwehme, CEO of eROCKIT Systems GmbH

      OPTION 3 - eCar Test Drive:

      Our eCar Test Drive starts outdoors, right next to hall C3. During a test drive your potential customers can experience the feeling of cruising on the road without a sound. Convince our interested trade visitors and offer an exciting addition to the visit of the Power2Drive.

      • Participants are suppliers of electric passenger cars and commercial vehicles who offer visitors the opportunity to test their vehicles as part of the eCar Test Drive

      • a special rate for booth space at a designated around the Check-In to present one vehicle and to catch visitor attention to lead them to the eCar Test Drive

      • the Check-In will be organized for you

      • Charging of your electric vehicles is included

      To participate, simply fill out, sign and send us the following documents: The smarter E Europe 2021 application form and the supplementary agreement for the eCar Test Drive.

      >>There was no question but that we would be at Power2Drive Europe this year. It was the perfect opportunity to present the world’s best-selling electric car – the NISSAN Leaf! Interested visitors had the opportunity to go for a test drive, giving them a closer look at our electric cars and letting them experience the pleasure of electric driving firsthand<< Martin Huber, Managing Director of Autohaus MKM Huber GmbH