FAQs on the Digital Packages 2021

Here you will find detailed information on the digital packages as part of The smarter E Industry Days & Restart 2021.

Participation & Conditions

Who counts as an exhibitor?

Exhibitors are defined as those who had a valid contract for one of the four exhibitions of The smarter E Europe from July 21–23, 2021, by the deadline of April 27, 2021, or who are already registered for The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 from October 6-8, 2021.

I am not an exhibitor in 2021. Can I still book a digital package?

Yes, the digital packages are also available to non-exhibitors at an extra charge and subject to availability. Non-exhibitors may book digital packages starting on mid of May. Please note that for digital packages with limited availability, exhibitors will be given priority. For more details and booking, please contact the sales team directly.

What happens if The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 in October cannot take place on site as planned?

If existing regulations, such as a ban on events issued by the Bavarian state government, should prevent the Restart 2021 from being held, the event will be turned into a purely digital event to take place from October 6–8, 2021. The digital package you booked remains valid.
In this case, you will be offered a digital meeting room with appointment booking function for all online visitors as an additional service at no extra charge.

The optional bookability of TV recordings at your booth for The smarter E Expo TV is not applicable. If you have already booked this option, you will be credited the additional fee. The Expo TV streaming will also be moved from the exhibition floor to an off site studio. Your speaker can then join via live stream from your company location. Depending on the applicable Covid-19 rules, live participation in our studio in Leonberg, Germany is also possible.

How much time will it take for me to prepare my attendance as exhibitor?

The time required for the digital and hybrid elements will depend on the digital package you have booked. While the Basic and Basic+ packages only require content to be prepared and entered in the Exhibitor Cockpit, the Advanced, Pro and Premium packages also require you to take into account the preparation and execution of your exclusive exhibitor events and your Expo TV slot (if included).

What equipment do I need? Do I get an introduction?

You can create and edit your company’s profile in the Exhibitor Cockpit. If required, our team will be happy to help you here. In addition, the Exhibitor Cockpit contains explanatory videos to help you present your company as best you can. You can use the conference/meeting software, which you typically use and are familiar with for the events you have booked for The smarter E Industry Days. The equipment needed here will depend on the event format you are planning to offer.

Will I receive Membership Points for booking a digital package?

You will receive Membership Points for booking the exclusive Digital Package Premium.

Digital Company Presence

Are the extended company presences displayed throughout the entire July and October?

No, the extended functions such as company contact persons, product uploads, etc. are only available within the event dates of The smarter E Industry Days and Restart 2021 to maintain the event character and attract as many visitors as possible.

How can visitors contact my contact persons in writing?

An e-mail address must be provided for each contact person but will be hidden to visitors. Visitors then can write to the contact persons on the extended company presence by clicking on the "Contact me" button and filling out a contact form. The contact person then receives an e-mail in his/her usual mailbox with the visitor's inquiry and can then reply to him/her as normal via e-mail. This way, even after the event, you have the correspondence directly in your inbox and not on a separate platform.

My company has a virtual exhibition booth. Can I integrate this into my company’s digital profile?

The Exhibitor Cockpit contains a text box where you can enter a description of your company and your area of expertise, allowing you to shape your company’s digital profile as you wish. Here you can simply add a link to your virtual exhibition booth.


What can I offer at The smarter E Industry Days?

Depending on the digital package booked, you can hold up to 2 or 4 digital events. These will be listed and advertised on our platform as part of the Industry Days. The actual implementation of the events is your responsibility and on your own platforms.

How you use your booked event slots during The smarter E Industry Days is up to you as an exhibitor. Each event has a maximum time frame of 1.5 hours. Potential options include product presentations, talk shows, interactive workshops, seminars, digital factory tours and much more. To allow you to reach your target group in Europe, Asia or America as precisely as possible, you are free to choose the language as well as the time (24 hours/3 days). We recommend that you choose a title that is as meaningful as possible and formulate a corresponding short profile for your events in order to reach the right participants.

How are the digital events implemented?

For event realization, you need to use your own meeting tools or portals (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.). After setting up the event, please share the links for your events with us so that we can imolement this link in your event session description and forward registered visitors directly from our platform to your event.

How can visitors participate in our events and how are they invited?

As The smarter E Europe website serves as platform for The smarter E Industry Days, every website visitor can view the official event program. However, the event area with the full program range incl. the links to your events can only be accessed by people who have registered on our website for The smarter E Industry Days free of charge (available from Mid June).

So invite your customers to register on our website for The smarter E Industry Days to attend your events, visit your digital presence and engage with you digitally. In addition, we are of course promoting The smarter E Industry Days ourselves on all our channels (website, newsletter, social media etc.) and inviting visitors from all over the world to be part of The smarter E Industry Days.

Will several events take place at the same time?

Yes. There will be parallel sessions for our different topic areas solar, energy storage, e-mobility & charging infrastructure as well as energy management & sector coupling. Within a topic area, however, we try to avoid parallel presentations as far as possible. After registering for your digital package, you are welcome to contact us to discuss the best time frame to schedule your event.

How many participants can attend my events at The smarter E Industry Days?

Your exclusive events will be open to all visitors who registered for the event on our platform. The maximum capacity for your events is determined by the conference/meeting software you use (e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, etc.) and the type of event you are organizing.

Business Dating & Networking

Can everyone access the digital meeting rooms?

Visitors who registered for The smarter E Industry Days are able to view the booking option of a digital meeting with you. They do have to book a time slot to get together with you in one of your meeting rooms.

How is the procedure for booking a meeting in a digital room?

Logged-in visitors can book meetings with your employees on your extended company profile. You can edit this function yourself in the Exhibitor Cockpit. To do this, simply store available time slots that can then be booked by visitors. Both your employee and the visitor will then receive an e-mail with an access link to a digital meeting room (Jitsi web meeting).

Which functions do the digital meetings rooms include?

Next to an audio and video function, there is also a chat and screen share function available.

Are the meeting rooms in July available throughout the entire month or only within the three event days?

If you book a digital package, the meeting rooms will be available for your contacts from July 21-23, 2021 as part of The smarter E Industry Days.

Will the digital meeting rooms also be available during Restart 2021?

Since the focus in October is on the 1:1 conversations at the exhibition on site, there will not be the offer of an additional digital meeting room. Nevertheless, there will be contact possibilities of the companies’ contact persons for visitors; also a digital networking tool will be available in October.

What is the difference between the meeting room with appointment booking function and the networking area?

When adding contacts to a company profile, in addition to an email address for contacting via a message form, telephone number and LinkedIn profile, also appointment availabilities for approx. 20-minute meetings can also be stored. Visitors can then view and book the available appointments with the respective contacts. After confirming the appointment, both parties gain access to a Jitsi digital meeting room with video call and chat capabilities.

Networking via Wonder.me can be used by anyone who registers for The smarter E Industry Days free of charge on our website - be it visitors, exhibitors, press officers, etc. The focus of the networking platform is on dynamic conversations like at an on-site event. You move through a virtual room with an avatar, meet individuals or groups of people who discuss a particular topic together. If you approach another user or a discussion group, the video chat opens up and you can interact with each other. Just like at a exhibition or conference, you can unexpectedly meet new business contacts. In addition to a 1:1 video call, all participants present can also be contacted via a chat function.

Expo TV

I have booked a digital package including an Expo TV slot. Will the coverage be available to us afterwards?

You can purchase an edited version of your The smarter E Expo TV coverage for an additional €600. This service is already included in the Digital Package Premium.

Will online visitors only be able to watch the Expo TV programm live, or will they also be able to watch our coverage later?

All coverage will also be available on the website to give online visitors from all over the world and different time zones access to The smarter E Expo TV programm.

Could you explain to me what does it mean by "A minimum number of 5 bookings is required for the offer"?

The footnote at the optional bookability of a TV recording of your booth incl. interview at your booth means that at least 5 companies must book this optimal service so that we can commission a TV team to be sent to the exhibition booths. If an exhibitor books this service but in the end there are no bookings from at least 5 exhibitors, we cannot carry out the offer and the exhibitor will be refunded the extra charge for the optional service by us.


How can I improve my visibility and reach during the event?

The more extensive your digital package, the greater your visibility. We also recommend sharing your participation in your various networks and inviting your customers as soon as possible. You may also take advantage of other (digital) marketing and sponsorship offerings to boost your reach.

How can I actively approach visitors during the two events? Is there a chat function?

We do not offer a classic chat or matchmaking function. However, all registered event attendees will have access to a networking area. If you register for the event as an attendee, you can contact everyone in the networking area via video or text chat. Please note that no distinction is made between visitors and exhibitors in this area.

Furthermore, visitors can get in touch with the contact persons included in your company’s extended digital company presence. During The smarter E Industry Days, a virtual meeting room with appointment booking function is also available for online visitors (not available for Digital Package Basic). However, due to the General Data Protection Regulation, the visitor must take the first step both when contacting you via the message form as well as when using the appointment booking function.

Will I get access to my visitors’ data? Will I be able to see who has viewed my company profile?

By booking the Digital Package Advanced, Pro or Premium, you can participate in The smarter E Industry Days with events on your own platforms.

The smarter E acts as an intermediary and promotes your events to visitors and forwards them to your events via the links you provide. After The smarter E Industry Days, you will receive the data of those visitors who participated in your own events.

Beyond that, no visitor data is available to you unless you are contacted by a visitor or are actively exchanging information with visitors in the networking area. Due to the General Data Protection Regulation, you cannot see who has visited your company profile.

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