Comsys Helps Sawmill Double Capacity with Innovative Second Life Battery Solution

Industry News –Monday, November 16, 2020

Recent trials of an onsite energy storage installation built by Comsys using swapped-out EV batteries has enabled a sawmill in Germany to increase production by 100% by making it possible to run a second saw without limitation.

The objective of the project was to study this second-life battery application as an alternative to installing additional capacity from the grid, which is typically too costly, to supply the peaks of a highly variable load.

Dan Liljengren, Head of Research and Innovation at Comsys, explains why the sawmill made a good choice for the trials: “In applications like sawmills, the power is very volatile due to the significant difference between high load and low load, and the demand fluctuates as a natural part of the sawing process. For such applications, often situated in remote areas, a battery installation can supply the saws at high load demand to supplement the limited power available from the grid. At low load the battery is charged.”

Source & Image: Comsys AB │

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