How the Latest Market Overview Charging Systems Works

Expert Interviews – Friday, August 13, 2021

The public charging infrastructure in Europe alone grew by 35 percent in 2020, and interest in private wallboxes in Germany is huge. Accordingly, the number of providers is increasing, as is the variety of products. An overview is provided by the new manufacturer-independent "Market Overview Charging Systems" of Power2Drive Europe, the international exhibition for charging infrastructure and electromobility, in cooperation with cosmix - Europe's largest platform for charging infrastructure. Since May, the market overview with around 110 products has been available for free download. Jan Hammerschmied, Head of Charging Infrastructure Portfolio at cosmix, answers open questions about the market overview.

There are currently over 500 entries in the KfW list of eligible equipment. So the market overview only represents about 20% of the supply. Why?

Here we have to distinguish between the entries of all possible charging solutions and the number of manufacturers. The market overview includes many manufacturers, but is limited to an exemplary selection of charging solutions. Currently, a large number of manufacturers or models are still in the "onboarding process" at the market overview. After validation of the data by the manufacturer and cosmix, these will be made available "live" on the platform to all users. With this process we ensure an up-to-date and correct data set. According to current calculations, approximately one manufacturer is integrated per week. Thus, we offer cosmix users a steadily growing transparency and insight into the market of charging infrastructure. Currently, there are more than 800 different technologies and models in the AC and DC area.

If I don't want a charging card but a key to lock the wallbox charging function, how can I realize this? Can the integrated Schuko socket then also be locked?

The market overview focuses on a selection of criteria that are of key importance. These serve as a middle ground between the overview and the total overview of all criteria, here we refer to the platform cosmix. With cosmix, you can select the appropriate medium (key, RFID card, etc.) via the filter "Charge release & authentication" and find the appropriate charging station, or wallbox, that supports such a function. For realization, you are welcome to submit a direct service request via cosmix. We can support you in all aspects of planning, installation and operation.

What were the decision criteria for the selection of the manufacturers?

A pre-selection or selection of manufacturers and technologies is not made by cosmix. Therefore, the listing at cosmix is not subject to any restrictions. Only so-called "white label products" are not listed on the platform, as this would lead to duplication of charging stations and lack of transparency.

A filter for the application area of commercial vehicles would be great. Is this in the planning stage?

We are happy to receive feedback and requests for an even better use of cosmix. Some customer requests have already been realized. For example, the new "Subsidies" filter has been implemented on cosmix. Users can use this to find charging stations that are eligible for subsidies. As part of our development work on the cosmix market overview, we are not only adding filters, but also functions. In the coming time, for example, we would like to integrate an export function for data sheets and tender texts. A filter for e-cars is already in development. If necessary, this can be usefully linked to the commercial vehicles area.

How often is the market overview or database updated?

An update of the market overview is planned every six months, the database is updated weekly. Depending on the developments on the market, only the amount of data that is updated differs. An update function informs the users about technical changes, new functions, components and developments on all AC and DC areas on the cosmix market overview.

How secure are the charging columns in terms of tampering? How quickly can destroyed charging stations be replaced or repaired?

A distinction must be made here between tampering on the hardware side and tampering on the software side. Depending on the manufacturer and model, different protection classes and precautions are taken for this. How quickly operability is restored depends both on how long it takes to find the cause and on the availability of any spare parts and charging stations.

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