Off-Grid on Holiday - What can Emission-Free E-Trailers do?

The smarter E Podcast Episode 44 | April 01, 2021 | Language: German

More and more electric cars are driving on German roads and gradually the expansion of the charging infrastructure is also making progress. But other interesting developments are also supporting the shift towards a more sustainable energy world. One hot topic, for example, is so-called e-trailers, electric trailers for the transport sector. But what do these solutions actually look like? Where are there currently still hurdles and a need for clarification? And when can we expect the first e-trailers on the market?

We talk about this with Markus Emmert, member of the board of the Bundesverband eMobilität (BEM) and Dr Rüdiger Freimann, Head of R&D at the Erwin Hymer Group.


  • 1.23: On the technical characteristics of e-trailers
  • 7.10: To what extent can e-trailers be integrated into PV as storage?
  • 12.36: What are the biggest challenges for e-trailers?
  • 17.11: How attractive are e-trailers for light vehicles?

About The smarter E Podcast

The smarter E podcast is all about the current trends and developments in a renewable, decentralized and digital energy industry. Our moderators Tobias Bücklein and Zackes Brustik welcome and interview personalities who shape our industry and drive developments forward. A new episode is published every Thursday.

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About Markus Emmert and Bundesverband eMobilität e.V.

Markus Emmert, Member of the Board of the Bundesverband eMobilität (BEM)

The Bundesverband eMobilität e.V. (BEM) is committed to the long-term conversion of mobility in Germany to electromobility with the use of renewable energies. Markus Emmert is a corporate, municipal and political consultant (energy, environment and electromobility).

His focus is on a functioning SmartGrid (intelligent energy grids), affordable energy prices and the sensible use of energy through energy-efficient and intelligent measures and technologies. In the meantime, he advises corporations, companies from industry and business, politics, associations and municipalities as well as start-ups on their strategic orientation, product development and new business areas.

About Dr. Rüdiger Freimann and Erwin Hymer Group

Dr. Rüdiger Freimann, Head of R&D at the Erwin Hymer Group

The Erwin Hymer Group SE based in Bad Waldsee, a subsidiary of Thor Industries, is one of the largest manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans in Europe. In addition to the original Hymer brand, the Hymer Group also includes Bürstner and Dethleffs, among others.

Dr. Rüdiger Freimann has been Head of Development in the Erwin Hymer Group since 2016 and is involved in interdisciplinary work on electromobility, connectivity, energy, lightweight construction and other topics to connect the caravanning of the future with the New Mobility.

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