Vehicle-to-Grid: Bidirectional Charging Brings CO2 Saving Potential

The smarter E Podcast Episode 37 | February 04, 2021

If we want to reach our goal of supplying heat, electricity and mobility mainly with renewable energy already by 2050, we have to reinvent the grid as well as the business models and invest in research to fill some significant technological gaps.

One of the approaches where these exact three pillars come together is the so called bidirectional charging technology and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems. V2G not only helps to reduce the climate impact of mobility. But also offers massive economic advantages. But what exactly is behind it and what role does Vehicle2Grid play in the context of the new energy world?

We discuss this today with Prof. Dr. Göhlich from the Mobility2Grid research campus in Berlin.


3.37: Difference about Mobility2Grid and Vehicle-to-Grid
5.20: Are there any differences between the private sector and the public sector?
9.36: About Potential cost savings and other advantages of V2G
15.56: What is the situation with M2G & V2G in fleets?

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About Prof. Dr. Dietmar Göhlich and Mobility2Grid

Prof. Dr. Göhlich, Mobility2Grid research campus in Berlin

The electrification of transport is a unique opportunity to research energy and transport systems together and to use synergies. The research campus Mobility2Grid-located on the EUREF site in Berlin-Schöneberg-researches and implements innovative solutions to ensure the supply of electricity, heat and transport in the long term affordable, secure and completely based on renewable energies.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Göhlich acts as chairman of the board at Mobility2Grid e.V. He is also head of the Methods of Product Development and Mechatronics department at the Institute of Machine Design and Systems Engineering at the TU Berlin. From 1989 to 2002, he worked in various areas of Mercedes-Benz and Smart passenger car development. At the beginning of 2003, he took over as head of S-Class complete vehicle design.

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