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Tuesday, September 22, 2020 | 11:00am–12.00am MESZ | Webinar Language: German

It is absolutely clear to the protagonists of the VISION mobility THINK TANK that we will only drive electrically in the future. But why this will be the case and how it can work, even over long distances, is what VISION mobility moderator Johannes Reichel discusses in a conversation with people who really know it: Futurists Lars Thomsen and Christoph Gümbel from the think tank future matters, founder of the Swiss charging technology innovators Juice, Christoph R. Erni, and Prof. Thomas R. Koehler, CEO, CE21 - Gesellschaft für Kommunikationberatung mbH, expert for future technologies.

During the webinar participants can submit their questions to get them answered by the experts in the live Q&A. In addition, both the recording and the speakers' presentations are made available to all registrants after the webinar.

Our Guests

Christoph Erni, Founder and CEO, Juice Technology AG

Christoph Erni is the founder and CEO of Juice Technology AG, the Swiss manufacturer of charging stations and solutions. Around 20 years ago, he set up his own business consultancy, Erni Associates AG. Noticing the lack of decent charging solutions in 2014, he made a snap decision to enter the manufacturing business and founded Juice Technology AG. The company secured pole position in this segment in its very first year of business with the Juice Booster 1 portable 22 kW charging station – and it has stayed there ever since.

Christoph Gümbel, Senior Futurist, future matters AG

  • 1979 Joining Porsche AG as engineer for test bed automation
  • 2005 - 2016 Director virtual vehicle at Porsche’s R&D-center
  • Other positions during my employment at Porsche:
  • 2001-2016: Chairman of the executive board of Porsche Engineering in Prague
  • 2008-2014: Deputy chairman of the executive board of the Automotive Simulation Center in Stuttgart
  • 2003-2016: Member of the board of the association for high performance computers in academia and industry
  • Since 2017 partner with Future Matters AG/Switzerland.

Lars Thomsen, Founder und CEO, future matters AG

Lars Thomsen, future matters

Lars Thomsen is one of the world's leading futurologists. The trend and futurologist, born in Hamburg in 1968, is considered one of the most influential experts for the future of energy, mobility and smart networks. He advises entrepreneurs, companies, institutions and government-related agencies in Europe on the development of future strategies and business models of the future.
Lars Thomsen lives with his family on Lake Zurich in Switzerland. He is a sought-after keynote speaker at national and international congresses and conferences. His lectures inspire various auditoriums.

Prof. Thomas R. Köhler, CEO, CE21

Thomas R. Koehler is CEO of German technology consultancy CE21 and a board member of Swiss charging specialist JUICE TECHNOLOGY. Thomas has a degree in business informatics from Wuerzburg University and was appointed research professor from the Center of International Innovation at Hankou University (CN). He has founded multiple companies (web development, software) and has a background in strategy consulting. He is the author of more than a dozen books on technology topics, including the English language books “Reorganizing Data and Voice Networks” (Artech House), “Understanding Cyber Risk” (Routledge Publishers / Taylor&Francis) and “The Digital Transformation of the Automobile” (Mediamanufaktur).

Johannes Reichel, VISION mobility

Johannes Reichel is Head of Test + Technik at the specialist logistics magazine LOGISTRA and the newspaper Transport from Huss Verlag. The trained editor and journalist was one of the first in the industry to spot the future importance of topics such as the combination of cargo bikes and microdepots on the agenda.
Johannes Reichel has also been a German member of the renowned European jury for the “International Van of the Year” for many years, which annually honors the best new development in the light commercial vehicle sector.

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