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Dorian Vargas-Reighley

 Dorian Vargas-Reighley
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Director, European Solutions
Enel X

Enel X's JuiceNet (JN) provides the industry’s first and only platform to address the need to flexibly manage grid demand from high capacity EV charging. Already controlling more load than any other network, JN is licensed by EV manufacturers, EVSE OEMs, and suppliers of other relevant electric loads. JN balances energy supply & demand, providing real-time demand flexibility to the grid and optimizing the economic value of distributed energy resources.

Through self-learning algorithms, the JN cloud platform accurately predicts the power & energy needs of the grid, the range needs of vehicle owners, and the environmental factors that impact both, then elegantly modulates the time and rate of EV charging to optimize grid needs and avoid driver inconvenience. These capabilities are matched to a market engine that captures the value of demand response, ancillary services and other power grid needs, thus creating daily benefits for JN OEM's, utilities, grid operators, and EV Drivers.