Megawatt Charging for a Mobility Transition in Heavy Duty Transport?

The smarter E Podcast Episode 181 | July 4, 2024 | Language: German

While electromobility is gaining ground in the passenger car sector, there are still many reservations about the electrification of heavy goods vehicles. Yet it would be particularly worthwhile there, as trucks cause around a quarter of road traffic emissions in the EU. A powerful charging infrastructure, such as the megawatt charging system from Designwerk Technologies GmbH, could provide a remedy here by shortening charging times and enabling new logistics scenarios. But what does this megawatt charging look like? What requirements are necessary? And will megawatt charging bring about a transition for heavy duty transport?

We talk about this with Thorben Maier from Designwerk Technologies.


  • 01:04 What current challenges do you see in the area of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in heavy goods traffic?
    05:31 What are the biggest advantages of megawatt charging compared to conventional charging systems?
    08:55 About the megawatt charging system from Designwerk: What is the technology behind this system and how is the high performance ensured?
    20:08 The liquid-cooled charging points can be used with both the MCS and CCS plugs. What are the differences between these two standards?
    21:42 About the future of e-mobility for commercial vehicles

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About Thorben Maier and Designwerk Technologies GmbH

The company Designwerk Technologies AG stands for electromobility for commercial vehicles: developing, driving, charging and storing. The passion for electric mobility grew among the founders during the 80-day, all-electric world record circumnavigation with the specially developed Zerotracer cabin motorcycle. Since its foundation in 2008, Designwerk has been driving forward electromobility with innovative products and projects, aiming to spread sustainable mobility.

Thorben Maier, a Bachelor of Engineering and Master in Business Administration, has been working in the fields of electromobility and energy for over 15 years. After working for BMW, ABB and AMAG, he is now responsible for sales and customer service for charging technology at Designwerk. He sees himself as a "Smart E-Mobility Shaper" and "Sustainable Energy Enthusiast" and is driven by accompanying B2B customers on the path to electrification and decarbonization.

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