Dr. Christopher Hecht

Job Title
Data Scientist
ISEA Institute, RWTH Aachen University

Christopher works as Data Scientist at The Mobility House to generate a clearer visibility over the flexibility assets such as charging stations and vehicles connected through the backend in the portfolio. In parallel, Christopher continues his work as a scientist with the ISEA Institute, RWTH Aachen University. Christopher's research focusses on applying machine learning and big data algorithms on public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Key questions are how the existing infrastructure can best be used, how future expansion is best placed, and how electric vehicles can positively interact with the electricity grid. Through the platform www.mobility-charts.de as well as appearances in various conferences, he is a leading voice on charging infrastructure usage in Germany.

As part of electric mobility, he also focusses on buffer batteries and home energy storage systems. He has experience in the fields CAPEX/OPEX projection for power and gas grid assets, power grid and power market modelling, wind energy tenders, and renewable energy technology. He further has an extensive IT and programming background with projects completed in database management and back-end development.

June 19, 2024Welcome and Introduction

June 19, 2024Conclusion

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